Instructions for use NanoVein

NanoVein is offered in the form of gel and capsules are used for treating varicose veins, thrombosis, concomitant diseases. High-efficiency, ease-of-use of the tool – its main advantages.

NanoVein is used for the treatment of varicose veins, thrombosis, concomitant diseases


The medical complex of varicose veins NanoVein it has a complex activity. The capsules are for oral administration. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, restore elasticity, fight with thrombosis. Gel for external use eliminates the swelling of the tissues, restores blood flow, when long-term use eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the limbs.

The gel and the capsule NanoVein showed the following symptoms of venous insufficiency:

  • the pain in the legs;
  • the mesh;
  • protrusion of vienna, nodes, buds;
  • the permanent feeling of gravity;
  • the swelling of the tissues.

A drug is safe, to enjoy and there is direct testimony or as a preventive tool. If you spend a lot of time on the feet, actively practice a sport, is to protect yourself of varicose veins can be with this kind of composition.

The composition of the NanoVein

Gel NanoVein includes the following natural ingredients:

  • the nutmeg;
  • the horse chestnut;
  • allicin;
  • the lycopene.

The composition of the capsules is as follows:

  • elastin;
  • esculin;
  • routine;
  • the horse chestnut;
  • the chili pepper;
  • marine collagen.

If the use of both tools in the complex, following the instructions of use, its components reinforce the action of the other. Provides a synergistic effect, it reaches a quick-relief.

Contraindications, side effects

Tool has almost no absolute contraindications. Can not be used only in patients with individual intolerance to the components of the composition. Gel capsules and well tolerated by the body. On rare occasions, may occur local reactions – skin rash, itching. Before the first use of the worth to perform a test, by placing a small amount of gel in the area of limits of the skin. If the reaction is not followed, the medication may be used in accordance with the regulations.

The rules of the reception

In the detailed description of the drug in each package, there is information about how to use the gel and tablets. The tool for external use is applied on the entire surface of the feet in gentle circular movements morning and evening. The gel leaves no greasy marks on clothes, therefore, it can be used before going out or before going to bed. Capsules also participate two times a day, one by one, to drink enough water. The treatment lasts a month, the improvement is visible already in 3-4 days after the start of therapy.

The effectiveness of the NanoVein

The medication NanoVein it is presented to us in italy over-the-counter. You can buy in the pharmacy or on the departmental internet shop. The tool has a proven efficacy. The studies and the evidence indicates that after the completion of a course of a month, the application of gel and capsules NanoVein 94% of patients notice a positive trend. You can take for the prevention of venous insufficiency and the consequences of this evil. The integrated use of tools for internal and external use helps to minimize the risk of complications and the need for surgical intervention. Time is needed to begin therapy.