The solutions of treatment of varicose veins

The data of the address deals with the doctor-flebolog — specialist in diseases of the veins. The mandatory condition of recovery is a holistic approach.

treatment of varicose veins

The main objectives of the therapeutic course:

  • The compensation of the symptoms of venous insufficiency and the improvement of the quality of life;
  • the prevention of complications and their removal, in case of occur;
  • aesthetic correction of the component.

All the means of getting rid of the disease can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Without the operation (conservative);
  2. surgical.

Conservative course includes an adjustment of lifestyle, diet, medication, the use of compressive. This kind of actions strengthen the walls of the and eliminate the violation of venous reflux.

Surgery should always be accompanied by elements of conservative treatment. This speeds up the process of recovery after the operation and the improvement of their results.

Without surgery

This therapy of the varicose disease is not to be contrasted with the surgical treatment. Both directions are applied in the complex, and complement each other. The non-surgical treatment as the only method used when contraindications to the operation, or when the lack of need for it. Conservative forms do not cure varicose veins, however, improve the mood and can decrease the rate of progression of the disease.

When it is used:

  • For the preparation for the early intervention of patients with running forms of chronic venous insufficiency (vi);
  • there are absolute or temporary contraindications to the intervention;
  • for the rapid removal of signs of violation of reflux of the blood;
  • for early rehabilitation in the postoperative period.

The main tasks of the curator of the address:

  • Prevention of complications and the recurrence rate of the disease;
  • the conservation and restoration of the working capacity;
  • eliminate the symptoms of the vi;
  • to improve the quality of life.

Surgical interventions

If there are varicose veins, the conservative course is not enough. For the effect to be maintained, must be held permanently. This is because bezoperatsionnye techniques have supports only the effect of the penalty to stop the treatment, symptoms and gradually begin to return.

When required for a surgery?

  • The disease extends over several years, and it is observed that the negative trend that, in spite of the therapy;
  • is intervention in respect of other diseases;
  • varicose veins "annoying" solution of comorbidity;
  • there is a high risk of thromboembolic complications occurring;
  • appeared complications.

The surgical method is used for:

  • The elimination of the need for permanent (life imprisonment) compatible with the treatment;
  • to correct the possible complications and the phenomena of venous insufficiency;
  • speedy recovery, and improve the effectiveness of the therapy;
  • to achieve the durable and long - / the;;
  • to achieve a quick cosmetic effect.

Principles of the intervention

The meaning of the process of the treatment consists in the removal of pathologically changed veins. When the planning of the operation, the surgeon determines which are the vessels, must be removed, and sets out the most appropriate path for their removal. The most common are: phlebectomy, minila phlebectomy, effects laser (EVLT) or radio frequency (rfa), sclerotherapy. Read more about the indications and contraindications of these procedures can be read here.

Elimination of a scientist called phlebectomy. Traditional is considered to be combined phlebectomy, which consists of several components:

  • Eliminate the source of the reflux (regurgitation of the blood stream) via the saphenous-femoral or saphenous-policealne anastomosis;
  • the national liberation of reflux of insolvent piercing the veins;
  • the removal of the trunk of the great saphenous vein and detail of the tributaries.

Modern surgical techniques

Surgeons use the modern methods, which are less traumatic and can be performed on an outpatient basis. The rehabilitation period in minimally-invasive procedures flowing faster and easier than after the classical operation. Remember, before the surgery, the manipulation preparation is required.

Sclerotherapy — a solution advanced of the blood vessels by the introduction into the special drug, that binds them together. The process is performed under the control of the ultrasound.

Minila phlebectomy — removal through punctures of up to 2-3 mm, it is not necessary to cook it, and the scars are practically non-existent.

varicose veins operation

Endovenous coagulation by laser (EVLT) — a minimally invasive methodology that "seals" the bottom of the trunk of the vein through a laser machine. Driver of optical fiber installed in the container and transmits the laser energy in its wall. Passes under local anesthesia, no cuts and hospitalization.

Radiofrequency ablation — archa is similar to EVLO, except for the fact that when he vascular wall does not affect the laser radiation, and high temperature, the source of which are the vibrations.

The rfa and EVLO – the two most common intravenous procedure for the correction of the varicose disease. Your goal is to eliminate the reflux of the great and/or low subcutaneous and vienna. Are performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia, with ultrasound control, without cuts, and of the stay in the hospital.

We treat varicose veins in legs at home

Previous start with lifestyle changes – addressing the causes that trigger the development of the disease. Add the motor activity, design a balanced diet for, to heal the ills related, which reinforce the varicose veins manifestations (hypertension, obesity, diabetes, constipation, diarrhea, cough), choose the correct shoes and orthotics, getting rid of bad habits (smoking, abuse of alcohol).

Therapeutic exercise

The sedentary lifestyle can trigger the disease. To reduce symptoms, strengthen the muscles of the legs. This helps to restore the proper functioning of the muscle-venous pump.

It is recommended more than walking, go swimming, strengthening exercises for legs: "the bicycle", "scissors", the rotation of the stop, rifts with the feet on the heel and towards is a player, walk with alternating feet and heels, all kinds of exercises with the rope. Go hiking, try less to use the elevator.

When the job runs, related to the long duration of the position in the position of sitting or standing, regularly make small breaks to the celebration of physical exercises. The warm up should be performed every hour for 5 to 10 minutes. At this moment in time stagnant in the extremities of the blood "pumped" and the feet are each time more easy.

Beware of the power of sports, lift weights – this can worsen the manifestations of the disease, hasten its progression. Of them it is better to leave.

Compression therapy

Simple and efficient for the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities – the compression ratio. Thanks to the mechanical compression diameter of the vessels decreases, the leaf valves close, and the return of blood flow becomes impossible. This trick is good at the initial stage, and is a necessary component to eliminate varicose veins of any training.

The compression is achieved by the bandage, elastic bandages, or with the help of wear a special underwear. The use of bandages, now is NOT recommended.

Depending on the level and extent of condition of the vessels there are compression up to the knee, stockings, pantyhose. All of these products among them are distinguished by the level of compression, color, appearance, durability, quality of materials.

Are point features, from morning until night, all day, removing just before bedtime. Like all clothing, it requires the attention: the proper washing and drying.

The normalization of the mass of the body

The excess weight optional loading the circulatory system. Apply the body weight to normal with the help of a low-calorie diet and increased physical activity. The excess weight reduction of 5 kg, as it leads to a remarkable effect. This reduces the severity in the lower extremities, disappear at night, cramps and, in general, the easier it becomes.

Calculate the optimal weight as possible by the formula: mass = growth– 100 +/- 10%. For example, with a growth of 170 cm, the man should weigh between 63 to 77 kg (170-100 +/-7).

The diet

When the development of the diet, keep in mind that "antivarikozny" the power has several objectives:

  • To improve the state of the vascular wall and reduction of the risk of blood clots;
  • prevention of constipation;
  • normalization of weight.

The food must contain sufficient amount of fiber. It is useful to use seafood, vegetable oils, especially even.

The regime of drinking

Drinking sufficient amount of water is the prevention of constipation and the formation of thrombi. It is recommended to drink at least 2 litres of fluid a day. For not having drunk the liquid, I recommend simply not being able to bear the thirst. As you only want to drink, it is necessary at once to do it, no leaving it for later. The body itself knows when and how much water is needed to tell us about this feeling of thirst.

Levy of shoes and insoles

Really cure varicose veins who makes medical recommendations, in particular, and on the correct selection of the shoes. Must be comfortable and have a heel of not more than 5,

The use of orthopaedic insoles to be very useful. Maintain the arch of the foot, discharge and facilitate proper biomechanics of the movements. Muscle-venous pump when this works more efficiently.


Help the main course – physiotherapy procedures. These include contrast shower, magnetic therapy, BIOPTRON, ultrasound. In the home-use apparatus "Almag", "Vitafon".

The visit to the sauna, solarium, hot wraps varicose veins must give up in order to avoid the development of pathology and the occurrence of complications.

the treatment of varicose veins of the house

The means of struggle against the veins varicosasom

Traditional medicine can be applied as a supplement to the main therapy. Well established cooking herbs (chamomile, field horsetail, horse chestnut, st. john's wort, nettle). Are used for oral administration, and also in the form of compresses and foot baths.

Unfortunately, the majority of the media has a weak action and have a short effect, which requires prolonged and regular use. They take positions before the modern methods and lose their relevance.

All of these elements (diet, shoe selection, physical load) are appropriate for the therapy in the home. But today in operational methodologies do not require to be in the hospital – many of them are performed on an outpatient basis. The most important thing – to strictly observe the medical recommendations and before any doubt to consult with the doctor.

Antilas veins varicosasnye medications

Drugs provided to you in the pathology is, are divided into several groups according to their mechanism of action:

  • Anti-platelet drugs. It is thought to reduce the risk of blood clots, however, the scientific evidence is convincing only in terms of its preventive maintenance action in the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries.
  • Venotonic. Strengthens venous wall, can reduce the swelling. This most often is used for a group of drugs.
  • The blood thinners. Based preparations of heparin cleared from the blood, is used for the prevention and treatment of clots. There are in the form of contraceptive pill, injections and ointments.
  • Angioprotektory and proofreaders microcirculation. Improve circulation, microcirculation and the state of the vessels.

The occurrence of complications such as venous leg ulcers apply healing properties has the tools and bandages different destination. Treatment of ulcers depends on the stage of the process, the default volume of the tissues and other factors. In each treatment situation, the course is assigned individually.

Is it possible to cure varicose veins without medical?

There is the opinion that going to the doctor you need when "the itch". But do not forget that the early start of the therapy brings better results, the recovery occurs more easily.

It is the doctor's clearly more efficient. But it is not obvious which is cheaper. The costs of medicines and procedures are obtained less than with the self-medication, because they have directivity and taking into account the characteristics of your body.

To me reach the patients, who for years have been applied ineffective methods of treatment of varicose veins in the legs. When this is the pass on the drive to the hike in the pharmacy a bit of money, but they also receive the effect of short duration. The patients have to buy drugs often and for a longer time. All of this translates into considerable amounts.

If you decide to do self-medication, completely excluding the promotion of a medical doctor, then ask yourself: "if I Win this"?

The task flebologa:

  1. Make sure that the problems with the lower extremities caused by the veins varicosasom and only to them. If the cause of the disease of the other, or if you have other diseases, the effectiveness of a course without having in mind any pathology it will be low.
  2. Collect effective medications that can be taken and in the presence of other medical conditions. It is necessary to take into account the interaction of all the drugs.
  3. To collect compressive knitwear. Before the purchase of the product is necessary to decide how it should be (up to the knee to the hip), as well as to understand the degree of compression.

The effectiveness of the independent fight advanced of the veins can be appreciated by the sensations. If the procedures and medications it becomes easy and comfortable, you can continue to use. If you feel discomfort, observe side effects, there have been more than one complaint, please contact your doctor! It is possible that something is wrong and needs correcting therapeutic course.


There are many methods. And the task of the medical variety of tactics, which will provide a fast access and a stable result. I recommend a combined therapy, which includes different procedures and direction. It is precisely the complexity of help to defeat varicose veins.