How operation occurs in varicose veins

New techniques in medicine allow you to get rid of the dead vessels of the lower limbs, almost without pain and with minor injuries. The surgery of varicose veins with laser – is an excellent alternative to surgical treatment. In which cases is assigned to intravenous clotting? Reasons for the conclusion of the operation is not so bad, and all of them are not amenable to local or pre-treatment:

The laser removal
  1. varicose, they were surprised big and important to the life of the blood vessels;
  2. the heaviness and swelling in the lower extremities, which do not respond to other treatment method;
  3. in cutaneous coverage of the earth were found trophic changes;
  4. the lower limbs are covered with plagues, in which no drugs work with the local of the exhibition.

How operation occurs? The surgeon in front of the affected side of the container makes an incision and inserted a special catheter with a laser tip. The laser attaches to the affected area of the vessel, after which the cut is made and continues the recovery of the veins. The disease is characterized by the defeat of the vessels of the lower extremities, in which occurs an acute disorder of blood circulation. Varicose veins is dangerous because it creates the conditions for the development of thrombophlebitis in the system of the inferior vena cava. This kind of complications usually lead to the emergence of long non-healing of venous leg ulcers. No less serious danger to the health of the patient is separated from the vascular wall of a blood clot, which often becomes the main cause of myocardial infarction, stroke, thromboembolic syndrome. Mainly to this circumstance and is carried to the sick at the idea that they need an operation for removal of varicose veins in the legs.

But some patients ignore these serious consequences and prefer to not be aware of the symptoms of the disease. Varicose veins of the lower extremities is complex and protracted by the current pathology is causing the emergence of gravity and of the painful sensations in the extremities. Not always after methods of treatment bring the expected result, so it is necessary to have recourse to the intervention. Are especially important the more radical measures if you have venous ulcers that can lead to extremely serious consequences, including the accession of the infection. The removal of varicose veins in the legs is performed only if has the form start-up of the disease. Indications:

the operation
  • the extension of the lumen of the vessel above the norm;
  • the formation of blood clots;
  • inconclusive treatment of the disease medicines and remedies;
  • violation of the circulation of the blood;
  • the pain in the legs, and the constant feeling of tiredness.

The operation is carried out in an aesthetic of the signs, when the woman does not like the look of your legs. The surgical treatment of the expand the lumen of the vessels is performed in different ways. The selection of the method depends on the condition of the body, the stage of the pathology is and other related diseases that may be contraindications. For example, a poorly chosen method of treatment may cause dangerous complications in diabetes mellitus, acute infections, and states of immunodeficiency.


Sclerotherapy is an introduction into the lumen of the vessel of the needle through which the medicine is capable of bringing together venous wall. This manipulation is performed with the application of local anesthesia. After a procedure the vessels sklerosiruta, and the current of the blood he stops. Immediately after the operation shows the use of belt dressings, which help to maintain the result. Phlebectomy is an operation to remove pathologically changed vessels. To this end, they use several methods:

  • Withdrawal through a small puncture with the application of hook.
  • Removal of a fragment of the affected areas through small incisions.
  • Combined way. Involves the combination of any of these methods and laser.
the set of measures

Phlebectomy is an operation to remove pathologically changed vessels. Before you begin the procedure, the doctor performs the ultrasound of the veins. The ultrasound helps to differentiate the area of the lesion areas and healthy. Coagulation by laser (treatment of varicose veins with laser is the most effective method for. The procedure is safe and minimally invasive. Through a small incision in the patient a container to enter thin of transactions, which emits a laser wave of the desired frequency. In doing so, it produces a warming in the area of impact. As a result of the walls of the veins are integrated, which eliminates forever the problem. The laser application of the methodology gives the lowest number of relapses. The operation is performed even in the severe cases, and in front of the surgical removal of the quality and quantity of favorable results.


Sclerotherapy allows you to fill the glass treatment with a substance that prevents the blood stream and allows to reduce the diameter of the condition is of the field. In this case apply the 2 drug — sclerosant, and foam. The first medicinal substance adheres to the walls of the veins, and the second simply fill in the extension of the area, causing the blockage. Both types of medications are inserted through a small puncture. The exact location of the field can be detected by duplex scanning. Sclerotherapy allows you to fill the glass treatment with a substance that prevents the blood stream and allows to reduce the diameter of the condition is of the field.


Peeling is performed using a miniature probe that is inserted through a small incision and attaches to the interruption of the plot of the glass and then comes to the surface and is removed. Another type of operation — cryotrapping. In the course of the intervention in the vein is injected with liquid nitrogen, which leads to the affected area of the destruction, and makes it non-functional. The process lasts between 40 minutes. What do are under general anesthesia, and with the use of local anesthesia.

varicose veins


Preparation for surgery includes the observation of mandatory rules, which means:

  • The delivery of a blood test to determine the general condition of the body. The procedure to go hungry for several days before the intervention.
  • X-rays of the chest. If you want to exclude tuberculosis.
  • The study of the blood in the presence of the hiv infection, which can lead to permanent damage to the complications after the manipulation.
  • Rejection of the consumption of food 6 hours before the surgical intervention. This rule should be observed only if the operation is carried out under general anesthesia.
  • A cleansing enema. Applies also to the impossibility of the removal of the vein with the use of local anesthesia.

Make sure that before the operation tell your doctor about the presence of an allergic reaction to any medicinal substance.

As do the operation

Depending on the nature of the intervention applied his technique of the operation. The sclerotherapy is provided by the following steps:

  • The patient receives the pose according to the place of the location of the affected vessel.
  • The doctor produces a local anesthesia with the help of injection of the Novocana.
  • With the length of the needle is made to puncture. The syringe is inserted into the necessary depth. Then occurs the injection of the drug. Immediately after this venous wall begin to paste. And in the same place where the area is the pathological.
  • The specialist gets adapted to the bandage and sent to the patient's home.

Sclerotherapy with the length of the needle is made to puncture and inject the medication, adhesive to the walls of the vessels. Phlebectomy involves more invasive the operation. If the volume of pathologically modified large cloth, apply the technique that involves 2-3 of the incision. If you have a small piece use a small hook. The operation can be carried out under the total and local anesthesia. In the first place, the antiseptic treatment of the extremities. After this, the affected area of vienna is recovered and removed, if necessary, putting the seams. Coagulation by laser is carried out under general or local anesthesia. After anesthesia of the leg processed antiseptic (what is the most frequent Chlorhexidine) and through the miniature puncture slowly promote thin accounting that emits the laser. Reaching problem home, optical fiber melting of the vessel wall under the influence of heat. Accordingly, the container is closed, and is decreased in diameter. Sclerotherapy is similar with the procedure of sclerotherapy. But in the first case, the use of different substances depending on the nature of the problem. Connect to vienna, the medication is introduced with the help of the needle and with the application of local anesthesia. The control of the handling, the doctor performs to observe the process on the screen of the monitor. The operation takes no more than 30-40 minutes.

Peel involves a small incision or puncture. It all depends on the magnitude of the defeat. Peel involves a small incision or puncture. It all depends on the magnitude of the defeat. The probe moves to the pathological area, and also makes it drunk to her, then, the doctor tightens the tool and out of the affected area of the vessel on the surface of the skin. Modified plot is deleted. If it is necessary, overlap the seams. The removal of the varicose vein is performed only by a surgeon experienced under the control of a process in the ultrasound machine. Rehabilitation continues for 6 months. In this moment, he is prohibited from lifting things, the weight of over 8 kilos In the first month you should wear compression garments point to regulate the work of the venous system and to avoid complications. As the recovery is shown therapeutic exercise, swimming, active, walking and other, it Should be noted that the mass of the body. Possible postoperative complications: relapse, bruising, thromboembolism, rubtsovie changes in the skin with small nodes. The most common of these effects are considered to be pain that may be present in the term of 1-2 months.

The indications for ablation of veins

the elimination of

The prompt intervention of varicose veins can be carried out only when there are indications for the removal of vessels:

  • the change surprised to the most of vienna;
  • strong the pain and swelling of the feet for physical activities that prevent lead a normal life;
  • the education of open wounds and ulcers on the background of development of the disease. Danger the accession of secondary infection;
  • the violation of the viability of the blood through the blood vessels, often accompanied by seizures;
  • expresses the development of the necrosis of the vessels;
  • the modification of the veins, accompanied by your extension and the protrusion. The change is dangerous injuries of the vessels, as well as delivering aesthetic discomfort;
  • the formation of a blood clot in the veins.

When the realization of the child can also be detected the violation state of the veins in the legs. More often the pathology is resolved by itself after a vaginal delivery. If there is contraindication for surgery dangerous deterioration of the status of the patient and even fatal. After the removal of the veins surgery or laser method there is a risk of complications. Negative reactions may occur due to the low qualification of a specialist or by the breach of the rules in the period of rehabilitation. Among the possible complications of phlebectomy and endovenous coagulation. The surgery to remove the veins varicose veins can cause some effects. Sometimes, this manifests itself in the form of bruising. When you perform both operations it is possible to develop an allergic reaction to the anesthesia drugs. The surgery to remove the veins varicose veins sometimes accompanied by the development of complications, in order to prevent its occurrence it is necessary to:

  • the realization of the tests to be an allergic reaction of the drugs;
  • the exception of infectious diseases and of inflammatory processes in the body before starting the operation;
  • the selection of proven clinical professionals of high qualification and modern equipment;
  • the compliance of the rules on the recovery period. Especially the use of the compression underwear;
  • stick to the diet, in the recovery period (negotiated by a specialist after the procedure). In the diet increases the amount of clean water, the intake of food is done in small amounts of the diet enriched with vitamins and minerals;
  • give rest to your feet over time;
  • pass the inspection after the operation for monitoring the dynamics of the recovery of the limb;
  • massage and attend physical therapy for a rapid recovery from the hemorrhage.
the surgery of the vessels

When you detect deviations unacceptable when this operation is required to immediately contact the clinic. The removal of varicose veins in the legs can perform the surgical technique free of charge in state institutions. But the data of the operation is not carried out in every city, and it is necessary to ğsemántica the long waiting lists of several months. When you select the step of the payment operation in private clinics the price range varies depending on the method of qualification and professional fees in the institution. When you are running ways of disposal of the vessels is performed through a surgical intervention. The method of treatment is determined not only by the desire of the patient, but also to the existence of indications and contraindications for the procedure. The effectiveness of the therapy depends on the clinician's experience and the application of the rules of foot care after the operation.In the price in addition is added to the price for the consultation of the specialist and an ultrasound control. Varicose veins are subjected to conservative therapy only at the initial stage of development of the pathology is.

It is a disease very young in our time. This occurs because of a sedentary lifestyle (although the constant work on the legs can cause an outbreak of the disease), the movement only in the transport, excess weight, the environmental situation in the world, birth of predisposition to diseases of the blood, etc the Early stage of varicose veins well hard of methods of conservative treatment. But if the disease has already gone very far and continues to progress, we must reflect on how to solve the problem of the health of your ,or someone close to you. It is true, performed by a qualified plastic surgeon the operation of elimination of vienna is the guarantee of a complete recovery of the heat of the sun dreadful disease. Currently, these operations are performed by highly qualified specialists in the health centres equipped with the most modern equipment, and that do not represent any danger for the life and health of the patient.