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  • Why does varicose veins appear and how do they appear on the legs in men? What treatment methods are there? What therapy is most effective? What are the alternative methods of exposure? Find out the answers to these and other questions from the article.
    10 January 2022
  • The varicose disease: risk factors and prevention. Risk factors. Complications of varicose veins. The symptoms and diagnosis. The treatment of the.
    29 May 2020
  • Varicose veins of the veins of the lower extremities is very serious and dangerous disease. Varicose veins of the veins of the lower extremities. The cause of the disease. The symptoms of the. The stage. Diagnosis. Complications. As healing ointments.
    22 April 2020
  • What is varicose veins: symptoms, causes, risk factors and prevention measures. The dangerous complications of varicose veins: thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism, venous insufficiency and trophic of the plague.
    17 November 2019